Day Trading NonFarm Payrolls on Gold and Crude Oil Futures Dollar Correlation We finished off the week with over 000 in profits on trading 4 contracts. We worked hard, focused on only the best trades, and never let our emotions get in our way. Today we had 830am NonFarm Payroll news, which was what the market had been waiting for all week. We bought the lows on gold after the news, but quickly reversed our direction for a nice big winner with a wave pattern short before 9am. Crude Oil kept us busy all day today giving us plenty of opportunities to make profits. We bought the pullback at the highs after 900am, and then later sold the retracement off new lows before 11am We ended our day with 355 ticks of profit, the product of hard work and focus on our rules all week. Don’t miss today’s video recap, and we will see you on Monday @ 745am EST!
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08/04/11 The stories, data, and stocks that may have the greatest impact during the next trading session.
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    Joe’s legend precedes him……the way lightning precedes thunder!!

    Posted 23 Sep 2011 at 4:18 am

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