FOREX TRADING – Live Trades Developing in ENG and GER

German language starts around 6th minute! Themission of is to show how a successful trader thinks and acts. All aspects of trading will be thoroughly discussed. To provide new traders a successful start, the following contents are planned – Technical and fundamental basics for Investors, Swing Trader and Day Trader – Tutorial (step by step) videos – Up to date market analysis – Successful strategies – Risk & MoneyManagement – Webinars and live coachings Successful FOREX TRADING and FUTURES TRADING is a knowledge based skill which can only be mastered through discipline and intense training. Therefore personal commitment is the most important factor. To support this process, we are planning to provide the following services: ? Mental coaching & psychological care ? Trade record analysis ? Live trading sessions – RISK: The provided information is for educational purposes only. We aren’t giving advice nor are qualified or licensed to provide financial advice.

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