Throughout his attempt at running for the White House, Paul has insisted time and time again that he is not only the most consistent of the conservative choices, but transparent as well. Even before begging for the GOP nomination, however, Paul was pushing for more openness in Washington. Two years ago the congressman introduced the SEC Transparency Act of 2010, which the representative hoped would force the US Securities and Exchange Commission to be more forthcoming with their finances. Back then Paul attacked the SEC and especially a section of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that kept much of what the SEC received as confidential. In attempting to repeal those provisions with his own proposal, Paul condemned the Dodd-Frank Act as “unfortunate,” and said in introducing the bill that the legislation he hoped to overturn claimed to fix problems with the banking system, but instead “actually makes them worse and provides more cover and power for organizations that failed us like the SEC and the Fed”…
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