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How To Make Money in Real Estate Foreclosures: Real Estate Investing for Dummies – by Chris Jenkins

http://www.MakeMoneyinRealEstatewithChris.com – Author Chris Jenkins’ first book in his series of real estate investing books called “How To Make Money in Re… Experience Premier Investing Education: http://bit.ly/investools For the last 25 years, Investools from TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. has helped more than half…

Flip Michigan Foreclosures Faster

Check out these Investing images: Flip Michigan Foreclosures Faster Image by REIA-of-Macomb To be successful in Michigan real estate investing you need to be surrounded with the right people who are focused on helping you do more deals, do them faster, and more profitable. This month at The REIA of Macomb’s Main Event those are [...]

The Mortgage Law Group Helps Investigate Wrongful Foreclosures

The Mortgage Law Group Helps Investigate Wrongful Foreclosures Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 23, 2011 The federal government is starting to take actions against “bad banks and servicers” for mismanaging and taking shortcuts in the foreclosure process. Special attention is being paid to Litton [...]

How to Buy Foreclosures – 2011 Foreclosure Buyer’s Guide

How to Buy Foreclosures – 2011 Foreclosure Buyer’s Guide Best Selling Foreclosure Guide of 2011. Authored by a Real Estate Broker who runs a foreclosure brokerage, packed with real, current information. Easy, step-by-step instructions on how to find and buy foreclosed homes. Includes 5 bonus reports! How to Buy Foreclosures – 2011 Foreclosure Buyer’s Guide

Cleveland Fed Researchers Ask: Can We Curtail a Rising Tide of Foreclosures with Lessons Learned on the Farm?

Cleveland, OH (Vocus) August 4, 2010 Two researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland argue that some lessons could be learned from examining the farm foreclosure crisis in the 1980s. Below is a brief summary of their recent paper on the topic: Experts fear the home foreclosure crisis might get worse [...]

Mortgage assistance tailing off, foreclosures rise

Mortgage assistance tailing off, foreclosures rise Fewer troubled homeowners are receiving assistance with their mortgages as government efforts to prevent foreclosures are slowing. Read more on AP via Yahoo! News Foreclosures rise as fewer people get help About 470,000 homeowners received help in the July-September quarter, a 17 percent drop from the preceding quarter. Read [...]

Fed opens probe into foreclosures

Fed opens probe into foreclosures Raising pressure on banks, the Federal Reserve is wading into the investigation of whether mortgage lenders cut corners and used flawed documents to foreclose on homes. Read more on Los Angeles Daily News

Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the Fed investigation of foreclosures

2010.10.26 – Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox & Friends Real simple question which the Judge answers plain and clear: Are foreclosures within the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve? NO! Foreclosures are in State jurisdiction only. The Fed has no business telling the State courts how to do their business.

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Bair backs ‘safe harbor’ plan on foreclosures

Bair backs ‘safe harbor’ plan on foreclosures Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair on Monday called on the housing industry to come up with a global solution to the so called “robo-signing” crisis, which many observers say could derail the housing market. Read more on Market Watch

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